7 of the Best Overwatch Ability Combos That the Nerf Bat Has Taken Away From Us

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Roadhog’s Hook Combo

Overwatch’s latest patch may have given us a new map and a Reaper buff, but it also destroyed Roadhog. Seriously, it ruined him. Since Roadhog was the only tank that didn’t have a way to protect the rest of his team with some sort of shield or barrier, his best assets were his hook and the serious amount of damage he could deal once he pulled you in. Unfortunately, the days of the crazy guaranteed-kill Roadhog hook combo are all in the past now.

Overwatch’s latest patch nerfed Roadhog’s Scrap Gun damage by 33%, which now allows even some of the squishiest heroes to survive a blast at point blank range after being snatched by Roadhog’s hook. There was once a time when a hooked Lucio was a dead Lucio. Now, however, hooking a decent Lucio player as Roadhog just means you’ve signed yourself up for a free boop and possibly a one-way ticket off the edge of the map.

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