10 Must See Places in Japan Every Gamer and Anime Lover Should Visit

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Themed Bars and Cafes in Akihabara

Must See Places in Japan for Gaming and Anime Lovers

Almost any travel guide to Japan will spend time selling you on a trip to Akihabara. It’s hardly anyone’s best kept secret and it’s usually a go to spot for visitors. It’s extremely crowded but worth pushing your way through the dense crowds. If you’re spending time in Akihabara, you’d be cheating yourself out of a unique experience if you didn’t make time to check out the many themed bars and cafes in the area. Cosplay Bar ON STAGE is an entire bar dedicated to, you guessed it, cosplay. If you want a quick bite to eat surrounded by all things Gundam, Gundam Cafe is exactly what you’re looking for. There is even a Square Enix cafe that occasionally changes decor and special menu items to reflect whatever game is being promoted at the time. The list of themed bars and cafes in Akihabara is quite extensive and pop up cafes come and go frequently so be sure to see what’s currently open in the area before planning a trip to the insanely popular district.

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