Minecraft Gets a Visual Upgrade in the Latest Nintendo Switch Update

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All those sharp-looking pixels.

If you’ve been feeling a little underwhelmed by Minecraft’s graphical performance on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll be glad to know that Mojang has just rolled out a new update that gives the game a visual upgrade.

With the new patch installed, the game will now run at 1080p while in docked mode. However, the resolution in handheld mode seems to have remained the same, which is to be expected. Other changes in this update include skin packs, a new glide track, and some layers. The patch also addresses a number of other technical issues that players have encountered in the game. You can check out the full list of changes at the official game forum here.

Minecraft is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and pretty much any device that has a screen and can run games. The Nintendo Switch is now available for sale.

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