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8 Great Video Game Companions That Will Always Have Our Back


8 Great Video Game Companions That Will Always Have Our Back

Not exactly your average escort missions.

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Nick Valentine (Fallout 4)

Fallout 4

Despite his looks, this synthetic detective actually acts as a great partner throughout your journey in Fallout 4. He operates his own agency found in Diamond City where he works with his assistant, Ellie Perkins. In his line of work, Nick focuses on hunting down secrets and divulging them which sometimes gets him into some troublesome situations. His tough and cold exterior also houses a witty and sarcastic personality as evident by the number of sick burns he pulls throughout the game. However, beyond his sardonic persona lies a synth who just wants to live his own life that isn’t connected to the real Nick Valentine.

As a companion, Nick Valentine specializes in hacking any type of terminal in the game. The time he takes to hack a unit depends on the difficulty, but there will be times when he fails and locks himself out. Just like with all other companions, the synth can also help you out in combat and he’s even immune to anything with radiation damage. With his sharp sense of humor and hacking skills, Nick Valentine is easily one of the best companions you can take along with you in Fallout 4.

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