Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: Tips and Tricks For Beginners

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Choose Your Jobs Very Carefully

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Tips

With the new job system of The Zodiac Age you’ll need to pick one job for each party member once you get them. Unfortunately, you can’t change your job once it’s picked, although you will get to choose a second one later on in the game. Because of this it’s very important you choose these jobs carefully and build a strategy around your choices. If you want, you can get access to every job in the game by having each of the six party members choose two different ones, or you can slant things heavily into magic or anything else you might want.

There are a few mainstays you absolutely should have at the beginning though. You’ll definitely want a White Mage for healing and buffing, and a tank-like job like the Knight is really important for soaking up enemy damage. Just keep these kinds of things in mind as you’re choosing your jobs.

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