4 Other Classic Tekken Modes That Should Come to Tekken 7

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Tekken Force

The Tekken Force mini game was first introduced in Tekken 3 and made another appearance in Tekken 4. This mini game laid the foundation for newer modes like Tekken 5’s Devil Within and Tekken 6’s Scenario Campaign, which essentially built upon the original mini game from Tekken 3. Even then, the newer modes never garnered the same fanfare that the original Tekken Force mode still has behind it.

This mini game had players select their character before entering a side scrolling form of the game that pits players against Tekken Force members. The mode contained a total of four different levels with a boss at the end of each one. It was a fun Streets of Rage style mini game that broke up that monotony of just playing countless matches over and over again.

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