Another Hefty Chunk of Zombie-Killing Adventure Days Gone Is Up For Your Perusal

days gone

Shamble on down and check it out!

Back during E3 2017, we got a brief look at what Sony had in store for us with the zombie-laden action-adventure Days Gone. Now there’s an extended look out that serves up the same scenario from E3 with an alternate playthrough that showcases several new things that you may not have gotten a chance to check out during your first look at the demo.

Where protagonist Deacon St. John was exploring a world that clearly looked as though it was set in the dead of summer in the first video, this time things are much snowier. There’s also several different lines of dialogue and more looks at different times of day as well as methods players can use to advance through the game.

It’s a big draw for open-world games to offer various paths through the same missions, especially when it comes to titles that seem as though they may be a bit lacking in the replay department. That doesn’t look like the case here with Days Gone, and if you’re looking forward to giving it a fair shake, it could be coming out as early as next year. There’ll be plenty of zombie slayage for everyone to go around.


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