5 Cool Things You Might Not Have Noticed in the Destiny 2 Beta

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 A War Between Aliens

Like in the first Destiny, Destiny 2 lets all the alien races play together, although they don’t exactly take kindly to one another. During the Inverted Spire strike, you’re led through a level that has you facing primarily Cabal, although a Vex can show up from time to time. They don’t appear super often though, keeping your focus on the mission at hand (stopping the boss).

However, if you decide to go off the beaten path the different races don’t just fight, they have all out wars. Fallen ships send in tons of new enemies, the Vex come out of the woodwork, and the Cabal utilize their toughest soldiers. It’s a brutal battle filled with tons of explosions and brutal contests of strength. You can jump into the fray as well if you want to, but come prepared. 

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