Warner Bros. Opens WB Games New York, Offering Cloud-Based Backend Technology

Warner bros., WB games New York,

Trademarked just last month.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is opening new service provider WB Games New York, offering cloud-based gaming backend technology that allows game developers and publishers to quickly add online features to their games.

The trademark for WB Games New York was filed last month, stating the downloadable games software would be used for mobile devices and computers, with a press release for the launch announcement saying the technology will be able to quickly add online features to games “on almost any platform”.

Also in the the press release, Warner Bros. Executive Vice President Steven Chiang states, “We understand the importance of expanding the connected communities of players, and with WB Games New York, we will have a strong foundation to grow our player connectivity with our digitally powered console and mobile games as well as live service gaming”.

WB Games will also focus on developing web-based communities via social media platforms alongside its advancements in cloud-based technology for video games.

WB Games is a division of Warner Bros., with an involvement in titles ranging from mobile to consoles and PC. Some of its latest projects include Injustice 2, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and Batman Arkham: VR.


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