Top 10 Most Overpowered Fighting Game Characters of All Time

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 Yoda – Soul Calibur 4

Adding Star Wars characters to Soul Calibur seemed like a fun idea and, from a casual perspective, it really was. Soul Calibur 4 players on PlayStation 3 had access to Darth Vader while players on Xbox 360 had the chance to play as Yoda. In terms of Yoda’s actual move set, it wasn’t particularly impressive or overpowered. The problem, however, comes in the fact that Yoda is a very, very short character in a game where horizontal movement is everything. The real challenge was finding a way to get your hands on Yoda since the average attack easily whiffed over his head. Instead of being able to unleash the same combos that would work on other opponents, characters matched up against Yoda had to crouch and then try to go on the offensive. This obviously puts them at a huge disadvantage since Yoda can easily chip away at your kneecaps by mashing buttons.

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