Project Rap Rabbit Kickstarter Fails, Dev Issues Message on Game’s Future

Hard to believe.

The Kickstarter campaign for Project Rap Rabbit has failed its crowd-funding goal of roughly $1 million today. The hip-hop rhythm game, headed by the creators of PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man, only raised about $206,360 with 2,920 backers.

The developer posted a message on the Kickstarter’s page thanking all the fans and backers for their support. The note also provided the future of the project still in early development.

“We sadly are not in the position to be able to fund further production for a future crowd-funding relaunch involving a title deeper in development, and wouldn’t want to scale back our vision,” the studio wrote. “As a result, work on Project Rap Rabbit cannot continue at this time.”

The note ended on an optimistic take, saying the team was busy at E3 last week with meetings about “our vision for the future of rhythm-action.” Nothing further about the meetings was announced. All that is left of Project Rap Rabbit is this proof of concept video which shows what could have been.


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