Overwatch League Gets Serious as Blizzard Starts Scouting Top Tier Players


Time to go pro.

Blizzard has made it quite clear that they want Overwatch to have a place in the esports community. The official League was announced last year, and it looks like Blizzard wants to step things up a little by headhunting top players in the game.

League Commissioner Nate Nanzer posted a new update on the game’s official website:

On June 27 we sent out an email survey to a select group of top players from around the world who can now opt to be included in this report. These players were chosen based on specific criteria:

  • A top-500 finish in Competitive Play (based on Skill Rating) in Overwatch Seasons 3 or 4 for any region
  • A playoff finish in recent high-caliber tournaments such as APEX Season 2 or Premier Series 2017 Spring, or an invitation to Pacific Championship 2017 Season 1
  • Other distinguishing qualifications indicative of top-tier talent, including but not limited to membership on an established professional Overwatch team

With this survey, Blizzard is hoping to implement a “roster-building strategy” to put pro teams together. Given how insanely popular Overwatch has become over the course of a year, it shouldn’t be too long before it gets a major esports presence.

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