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4 Big Changes Monster Hunter World Brings to the Series


4 Big Changes Monster Hunter World Brings to the Series

Titans clash in an open world.

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Tracking With Scout Flies

Monster Hunter World makes its beasts even larger and more dangerous than ever before, and as you’d expect you’ll need a few ways to track them down. During a demo presentation at E3 2017, we were given a glimpse at how the hunt plays out this time around. Shortly after starting out, our hunter was tasked with taking down a T-Rex-like monster called an Anjanath, but it’s going to be a bit of a trek to find it. Before long, the hunter finds a footprint, then a mark on a tree, along with a few other signs of activity. By adding up these different marks the monster has left, the scout flies will illuminate a path to the subject of your hunt.

The best part about the scout flies comes once you find the monster you’re hunting, essentially marking it permanently for the flies to find. If your prey manages to escape, or if you need to escape yourself, the scout flies will automatically lead you right back to the monster. This will be invaluable as Monster Hunter Wold no longer uses zones, but instead opts for a seamless open world.

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