Beyond Good and Evil 2 Prototype Gameplay Video to Be Released Tomorrow

beyond good and evil 2

Michel Ancel from Ubisoft is very excited to share this.

Michel Ancel, designer at Ubisoft, is known for creating the Rayman series and the cult hit that was Beyond Good and Evil. After the beautiful reveal for Beyond Good and Evil 2 during Ubisoft’s E3 press conference, fans have been wanting more and more information on the upcoming sequel that just so happens to take place before the original.

Ancel posted a photo to his Instagram account today where he states that the first prototype video for Beyond Good and Evil 2 is ready and will be available tomorrow for viewing.

Like the good man that Ancel is, he also responded to some comments made by fans of the game – confirming that photography will be “part of the core experience, as well as wildlife. Tomorrows video will showcase early game development… as we want to share the process of building such a big game with passionate people like you.” He continues with another comment, “We believe that fans deserve special attention for this long long wait.”B

Beyond Good and Evil 2 currently has no release date, but it will most likely be released for current-gen consoles.


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