10 Characters That Need to Appear in Sony’s Upcoming Spider-Man Game

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Daredevil may have become very popular in his own right over the past couple of years, thanks mainly to the excellent Netflix series, but comic fans will know that Daredevil has crossed paths many times with Spidey in the comics. Usually, the two crime fighters work together to dispense justice, but we have seen the two heroes go toe-to-toe over the years.

Daredevil and Spidey make a good team because they compliment one another’s style. Daredevil tends to be pretty dark and gritty but Peter Parker’s more optimist attitude and sense of humor strikes a nice balance between the two heroes. Given that he’s so popular now, no doubt many fans would like to see him make an appearance, even if it’s just as the mild-mannered lawyer Matt Murdock.

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