10 of the Worst Sequels to Our Most Fondly Remembered Games

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Duke Nukem Forever


We waited for 13 years for a proper follow-up to the stellar Duke Nukem 3D, and all we got was the garbage fire that is Duke Nukem Forever. The original was simply a solid shooter with a quirky main character and plenty of ‘tude to spare. Duke Nukem Forever tried to take the charm of the original and update it for the modern gamer. The problem was that the industry had left that kind of shooter behind. The strafe-based shooter, like Quake or Doom, was incredibly popular in the 90s, but as we moved into the 2000s, games like CoD and Halo moved the industry in a different direction.

Not only did Gearbox not manage to capture the spirit of Duke, they crafted an incredibly poor shooter around his new title. Poorly implemented platforming and subpar shooting controls made the whole experience feel unwieldy and underwhelming.

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