What’s New in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia? Everything You Need to Know

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Explorable Dungeons and Towns

The biggest change to Fire Emblem Echoes, just like the original game Fire Emblem Gaiden, comes in the form of explorable dungeons and towns. Towns are seen from a first person perspective, letting you move around different screens and examine objects or talk to townspeople, adventure game style. There’s a ton of items and story to be had in these areas, both in terms of world building and character building with your units.

At the same time, dungeons put you in direct control of Alm or Celica, bringing a party of up to ten characters along for the ride. You can run around at will in these areas, breaking barrels and pots and finding chests with treasure. Enemies also roam the halls, and running into them will prompt a random battle. Fighting multiple battles in dungeons will cause your units to become fatigued, reducing their starting health in battles. The reward for dungeons are well worth it however, as you can find valuable weapons, stat boosting fountains, and more.

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