The Switch Version of NBA Playgrounds Won’t Have Online Play at Launch

nba playgrounds

There’s still local co-op though.

Saber Interactive spoke with Polygon this week, and revealed that NBA Playgrounds won’t exactly be a ‘complete’ game on launch day. For Switch owners, the online play functionality will not be available at launch, but it will be patched in a few days later.

However, the lack of online play on the Switch isn’t the only thing that’s going to be missing this Tuesday. According to Saber, 2v2 online play will be added to the game in a later patch. In addition to that, the game’s online matchmaking (which will indeed be available on PS4 and Xbox One) is reliant on the player’s ranking on the leaderboard. This means that they can’t actually invite people on their friends list into a match with them. This feature, along with the game’s online tournament mode, will also be added in a future update.

There are a lot of important online features missing from the game at launch (across all platforms), but hopefully the arcade-y gameplay will be enough to tide us over.

NBA Playgrounds is set to be released for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on May 9.

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