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Is The Last of Us Part II Coming to PC?


Is The Last of Us Part II Coming to PC?

Is The Last of Us Part II Coming to PC?

As one of the most critically-acclaimed titles of the last generation, The Last of Us has a ton of fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Joel and Ellie’s story. Finally, Naughty Dog confirmed at PlayStation Experience 2016 that The Last of Us Part II was in fact in development, and players may be wondering if the title is making its way to PC.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like The Last of Us Part II will be coming to PC. As a first-party studio of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Naughty Dog’s games tend to release exclusively on Sony consoles. Having released the Crash Bandicoot series for the original PlayStation, Jak and Daxter on PS2, the Uncharted series on the PS3/ PS4, and The Last of Us exclusively on Sony’s systems, too, the two companies have a lot of history. As such, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see Naughty Dog break away from this Sony exclusivity tradition.

If anything happens to change, or Naughty Dog makes an announcement regarding The Last of Us Part II making its way to PC, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

The Last of Us Part II is still in early development and doesn’t have a release date as of yet.

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