Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Comes to PS4 as a PS2 Classic Next Week

Journey to the stars, again.

The third entry in the Star Ocean series will finally make its way to PS4 in the West, Square Enix announced today. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time will launch on the PlayStation Store on May 23, in both Europe and North America. The digital title will cost $20.99. The PS4 version will support new features like trophies, share functionality, and remote play.

Till the End of Time follows Fayt Leingod and his friend Sophia Esteed. Fayt ends up crash landed on a primitive planet, and eventually finds himself on a quest that reveals a startling secret for the Star Ocean universe.

Till the End of Time will be available starting on May 23. This marks the second Star Ocean game to make its way to the system, as the latest entry of the franchise, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, launched last year.

Are you a fan of Till the End of Time? Are you planning on picking up the PS2 title on PS4? Let us know down in the comments below.


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