Shadow of War’s Latest Trailer Has Plenty of Gorgeous Vistas and Brutal Combat

middle-earth shadow of war

Beautiful and brutal.

Just like the first game, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is a massive game with many varied locations that you’ll do battle in. A new trailer released for the game today, shows off plenty of gorgeous sweeping vistas, followed by Talion hacking body parts off of Orcs.

Shadow of War takes place directly after Shadow of Morder, with Talion assembling a massive Orc army to take on the Forces of Mordor. The first thing you’ll notice from the trailer is how varied the locations feel, compared to the previous title. It’s filled with snowy mountain peaks, dense forests, and barren plains. You’ll also notice some prominent locations from The Lord of the Rings series like Osgiliath and Minas Morgul. Combat also looks as action-packed in Shadow of War it was before, as Talion decimates enemy after enemy with both sword attacks and the powers granted to him through Celebrimbor. Take a look at the trailer down below.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War launches on August 22 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. While you’re at it take a look at the first trailer for the game detailing the updated Nemesis System. You can also take a look at everything we learned from the title’s first gameplay reveal.


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