Prey: How to Complete the Golden Gun Side Mission and Get the Artemis Golden Pistol

Completing the Golden Gun Side Mission in Prey

The Golden Gun is one of the optional objectives available in Prey, and it gives you access to the Artemis Golden Pistol, which is one of the stronger firearms in the game. First off, you can trigger this optional objective by heading over to the Deep Storage grav shift in the Arboretum section. Near Alex’s house, you’ll find a corpse with an audio recording, which triggers the side quest.

Next, you’ll need to head to the Crew Quarters. However, you’ll need to Crew Quarters keycard to get in. The keycard can be found in the Deep Storage area, on the corpse of Zachary West. Once you have the keycard, follow your waypoint to the Crew Quarters and open the safe. You’ll now get to use the Artemis Golden Pistol, a sweet gold-plated gun that should prove to be way more useful than the Silenced Pistol you picked up early on in the game. We definitely recommend saving up some weapon upgrade kits to use on this weapon, as you’ll likely be relying on it a lot more as you progress.

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