Overwatch Teaser Trailer Gives Us a Sneak Peak at the Anniversary Maps


Take a look.

Overwatch was released almost a year ago and developer Blizzard has some treats up its sleeve to mark the occasion. Overwatch’s official Twitter account has just uploaded a short video giving fans a sneak peak at the upcoming anniversary maps that are set to be added to the game’s Arena mode.

As Overwatch veterans will know, Arena mode sees two teams go head-to-head and the winner is the first team to eliminate the other. An exact release date has not been specified for the new maps but they are “coming soon.” It’s possible they may be released on the exact day Overwatch was first released, May 24.

Check out the Tweet for yourself:

The maps look like they’re alternative version of existing maps Dorado, Eichenwalde, and Temple of Anubis. The anniversary event kicks off next week and will see players unlock more loot than usual. A Game of the Year edition is also set to be released along with a free weekend for newcomers to try.

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