10 Overwatch Lore Mysteries We Hope Are Explored in Future Animated Shorts

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What Assignment Did Katya Volskaya Have for Zarya?

At the end of the Infiltration short, we see everyone’s favorite pink-haired bodybuilder emerge from the shadows in Katya Volskaya’s office. The Volskaya Industries CEO and former Sombra hostage seems stern as she addresses Zarya. “Do you know why you are here,” she asks her without even making eye contact. Zarya simply replies, “I believe I do.” Well, the rest of us would love to get in on that knowledge.

There are a lot of theories floating around about the nature of this meeting but those often struggle to find any solid support. Could she be asking Zarya to go after Sombra? It seems like an incredibly risky move for a woman who was just looking down the barrel of Sombra’s gun. Besides, if Zarya ever found out about Katya’s connection to the Omnics, her entire company and her country could be thrown into sheer chaos. That’s more than enough reason to keep Sombra happy, right? There’s so much uncertainty here and we haven’t had a chance to dive deep into Zarya’s story so hopefully season 2 will finally provide some answers.

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