What’s New in Overwatch’s Anniversary Event? Everything You Need to Know

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New Skins

As is the case with every Overwatch event, a host of new skins are available for you to unlock through the game’s loot boxes as part of the Anniversary event. There are over 100 Anniversary rewards available including the largest-ever release of new Legendary skins.

The new skins available include:

  • A Beekeeper skin for Mei
  • A Cyborg skin for Soldier: 76
  • A Dune-Buggy skin for Bastion
  • A Cyber-Ninja skin for Hanzo
  • A Sentai skin for Genji
  • A Jazzy skin for Lucio

You can unlock these skins from Anniversary Loot Boxes which will be available throughout the duration of the event. You can check out the full set of Anniversary skins here.

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