Nintendo Will Support ARMS With Free Content Updates After Launch


Free is always good.

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct put ARMS in the spotlight, letting players get a good look at the Switch’s upcoming exclusive fighting game. Three new characters were revealed, and we got even more gameplay footage to ogle over.

However, in the midst of all the exciting news and details being revealed, you might’ve missed out on this little tidbit: Nintendo will continue to release free content updates for the game even after launch. This includes new fighters, stages, and new Arms. It’s a very promising sign, and it should convince potential buyers that they’ll definitely be getting their money’s worth with this game.

ARMS is primarily a motion control game where players will hold the Switch’s Joy-Cons and attempt to punch each other out with stretchy limbs. There’s a whole cast of characters to choose from, and each of them come with their own unique abilities.

ARMS is set to be released for the Nintendo Switch on June 16. What are your thoughts on the game so far? Let us know in the comments down below.

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