Monster Hunter XX Gets its Debut Trailer for the Nintendo Switch Version

monster hunter xx

This series really needs a visual upgrade.

Capcom has announced Monster Hunter XX for both the 3DS and Nintendo Switch, and you can check out a trailer for the Switch version of the game down below. It looks like a super crisp port of the 3DS version.

The trailer shows off the game’s gorgeous graphics, though I have to say they honestly don’t look all that different from Monster Hunter on the Wii U. As pretty as it looks, this series is definitely in need of a visual upgrade, and soon. That said, the game itself does look pretty fun. It features all sorts of things you’d expect from a typical Monster Hunter game – hunting monsters (duh), cooking food, and resting at your hub town before heading off for your next adventure.

Players on both 3DS and Switch will be able to adventure together, and you’ll be able to transfer your save data between the two consoles as well.

Monster Hunter XX hasn’t been announced for North America just yet, but we expect Capcom will have more to share during E3.

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