Mobius Final Fantasy’s Latest Update Adds Hard Mode and New Ability Cards

Mobius Final Fantasy, Mobile, release date

Even tougher battles await.

Mobius Final Fantasy is the latest innovative mobile game from Square Enix, and the game’s latest update brings about quite a few new additions. First off, the game’s new Hard Mode will allow players to re-experience the story from the beginning, but at a much higher difficulty level. Battles will be tougher, but players will also be able to earn better rewards.

The update also introduces new Ability Cards, along with other multiplayer cards.

‘MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY’s May updates also continue today with the addition of brand-new Ability Cards and a new Supreme Card, granting Warriors of Light more ways to combat their enemies. New multiplayer “Taunt” cards featuring Cerberus, Vanadis, Loxley, Titania, Jupitera and Sabnock will allow players to provoke and force enemies to attack. Fans will also recognize FINAL FANTASY VI’s martial arts master, Duncan Harcourt, in the new and powerful “Duncan: FFVI” Supreme Card, which will be available to summon from now until June 1, 2017.’

Mobius Final Fantasy is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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