Fire Emblem Heroes’ Latest Update Adds 4 New ‘Bride’ Characters in Wedding Dresses

fire emblem heroes

Literal waifus. Wow.

Nintendo has announced the latest update for their hit mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes and, well, it’s a weird one. This one’s called Bridal Blessings, and you can check out the new update trailer down below.

So the update brings four new characters into the big roster, including Cordelia from the more recent Fire Emblem Awakening. All four females are dressed up in wedding dresses, and they’ve also got ludicrous titles like Money Maiden. More importantly, though, is that the Bridal Blessings update also comes with a brand new Paralogue story scenario that you can play through with these new characters. We only got a brief glimpse of it in the trailer, but it seems like you’ll be experiencing their story of becoming brides? Or something like that. We’re not entirely sure.

Either way, the Bridal Blessings update is live now. Fire Emblem Heroes is now available on iOS and Android devices, though you might want to check out the superior in every way Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia on 3DS instead.

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