Fire Emblem Echoes: How to Use Silver and Gold Marks

How to Use Silver and Gold Marks in Fire Emblem Echoes

Silver and Gold Marks are the currency you’ll come across in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, although it doesn’t function quite like other games in the series. You can’t actually purchase new weapons or items, as you’ll need to gain those through battle or find them in dungeons and towns. What you do use Marks for, however, is upgrading weapons.

You won’t gain access to a Forge until Act 2 in Fire Emblem Echoes, but once you do, you can finally use your hard-earned Marks to upgrade your weapons and increase their stats. Stronger weapons will require more Marks to upgrade, and special or unique weapons often entirely require Gold Marks to forge. It’s well worth investing in weapons though, as they can really increase your characters’ stats and give you a leg up on the enemy.

Silver Marks are most often found in dungeons and are dropped by enemies, while Gold Marks are almost always only dropped by powerful enemies or bosses. You do have a limited amount of Gold Marks to use, however, so use those sparingly. Silver Marks, while they appear in low number, can be grinded for in dungeons through random encounters and drops.

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