Don’t Play Pokemon GO in Church in Russia, Or You’re Gonna Go to Jail

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Don’t catch ’em all.

Pokemon GO is a very addictive game that has you traveling everywhere to find one of those lovely pocket monsters. Sometimes this can backfire, as those who wound up founding dead bodies will tell you. This isn’t quite on that level, but still quite a backfire, as a Russian blogger named Ruslan Sokolovsky found himself in jail for playing the mobile app in a church.

Late last year, Sokolovsky posted a video of himself playing Pokemon GO inside Yekaterinburg’s Church of All Saints, and authorities said that he showed “disrespect for society”, and filed charges against him for “violating religious feelings” and illegal possession of a pen that had a video camera inside of it. (You can still watch the video, if you so wish, and we’ve posted it down below.) As a result, Sokolovsky will have a 3.5 year suspended sentence, though it’s not clear when he’ll be sent to an actual prison instead of his current detention center. For his part, Sokolovsky did apologize for his actions during the trial, but that clearly didn’t take with the jury.

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