Destiny 2 Gets Welcomed into the Blizzard Family on Twitter, and It’s Wonderful


Earlier today at the Destiny 2 event, Bungie and Blizzard revealed that the PC version of the game would be available through, the latter’s online service for their PC games. (Or whatever it’s being called at the moment, it’s sort of unclear.) Both companies have expressed excitement at this partnership, but then things took a further step with the Destiny Twitter getting a ton of love from other Blizzard games.

Things started off with World of Warcraft’s Twitter, having overheard there’s loot. Then Heroes of the Storm joined in, and Diablo, and you get the idea.

Is it really cheesy to watch Blizzard and Bungie basically high five each other? Yeah, but it’s also adorable watching the back and forth, and it’s no doubt sure to inspire some fan art, along with theories of when Destiny 2 characters will end up in those games (or the other way around). Wonder what the Guardian’s Play of the Game poses would look like in Overwatch…

Destiny 2 will be on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on Sept. 8.

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