Deadly Premonition’s Board Game Has Already Reached Its Kickstarter Goal, Because Duh

Deadly Premonition, Swery65

Surprising no one.

You remember yesterday, when we said that Deadly Premonition was getting the board game treatment? Yeah, so it totally managed to make that $50k goal over the course of the day. Currently at time of writing, it’s at $78, 719, and it’s still got a little under a month to go before the Kickstarter campaign ends.

In case you weren’t aware, well: Deadly Premonition’s going to become a board game! Supported by Swery himself, a group of fans calling themselves Rising Star Games have opted to bring the cult classic 2010 game into a tabletop format. The four player card game will have players investigating suspects to suss out who the real killer is among them, and it’s possible to sabotage the efforts of fellow players as well so you win. The reward tiers range from Steam keys of the Director’s Cut of the game to a bundle including a soundtrack and a coffee mug. Go ahead and donate to this inevitably charming and quirky game, if you’re so inclined.

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