Cave Story is Getting a Local Co-Op Mode on the Nintendo Switch this Summer

cave story

Go spelunking with a friend.

Cave Story was announced for the Nintendo Switch a while back. It’s the + version of the game, so it’ll come with all the additional content like the extra game modes, music options, graphic options, and difficulty settings. In addition to all of that, however, Nicalis has also announced that the Switch version of the game will be getting a local co-op mode as well.

This will allow players to experience the campaign and various game modes together, all while sharing one screen. Not much else was revealed, but it’s safe to assume that players will be able to enjoy co-op both at home, and on the go while using the Switch in tablet mode. The co-op mode seems to only have local support though, so those hoping for online multiplayer modes might be out of luck.

Cave Story is set to be released for the Nintendo Switch on June 20. We’ll keep you updated as more info on the co-op mode comes our way.

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