Blizzard Canceled the Overwatch First Strike Graphic Novel So That the Universe Would Feel Less Limiting


Leaving it to the fans.

First Strike was an Overwatch graphic novel that got announced a couple of years back, and it was supposed to tell a contained story about the organization’s time during the Omnic Crisis – a watershed event in the game’s lore. However, Blizzard announced the cancelation of the graphic novel late last year.

Speaking with Polygon, game director Jeff Kaplan explained that it was a difficult decision, but one they felt was necessary so that it didn’t feel like they were limiting the story of the universe, and to make the canon “less defined.”

‘“We sort of saw Overwatch really open up to the world, and listening to players and the stories they were telling and what they imagined the Omnic crisis to be really made us second guess what we were doing in First Strike,” said Kaplan. “We thought, ‘Hey, if we go down this path, it really closes all these doors.’”

“Part of the magic is that everything is not tied off and explained to players,” Kaplan said of keeping Overwatch’s canon less defined. “There’s a lot going on in Overwatch right now where I think that the story in players’ heads is often even cooler than what we can deliver to them.”’

The team-based shooter game will be celebrating its first year anniversary next week, along with a new event that will undoubtedly introduce tons of new cosmetic items for players to collect.

Overwatch is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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