Blasphemous is the Latest and Shiniest 2D Pixel Art Dark Fantasy RPG to Hit Kickstarter



Blasphemous looks great. And it’s not just because of that insanely gorgeous pixel art either. Over on the game’s Kickstarter page, you’ll see GIFs of the game’s fluid pixel animations, along with snippets of gameplay. What’s really eye-catching about the game, though, is just how dark and gruesome it looks.

The game’s artistic look is inspired by early Renaissance paintings. Goya’s famous Black Paintings weren’t listed there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the developers took aesthetic cues from those disturbing and gruesome pieces either. The few enemy types that were shown off on the Kickstarter page are great at conveying an unsettling dark fantasy vibe, and everything just looks incredibly well-made so far.

The game will also feature non-sequential levels, which means that you can basically go anywhere you like at the start of the game, and complete objectives or beat bosses at your own pace. It sounds rather reminiscent of the first Dark Souls game to some extent, especially considering how the game will also feature brutal and meticulous combat, complete with tough bosses to fight.

Blasphemous has already reached its funding goal of $50,000, but you can continue to pledge over at its Kickstarter page.

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