6 Actresses Who Should Totally Play Yennefer in The Witcher Netflix Series

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Eva Green

Witcher 3

Even before Netflix announced the upcoming adaptation, fans of The Witcher games have often cited Eva Green as a perfect choice for the role of Yennefer, and it isn’t hard to see why. Not only does Green look uncannily similar to Yen, she has shown in previous roles such as in Casino Royale and Penny Dreadful that she’s great at portraying a character that can be both strong and self assured, as well as flawed and multi-dimensional.

Not only does Green look and feel like a great choice for Yennefer, but the actress also seems to enjoy characters set in fantasy worlds from ages gone. Roles as strong female leads in the likes of Kingdom of Heaven, The Golden Compass, and Camelot prove Eva would certainly do a character like The Witcher’s Yen justice.

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