Star Wars Battlefront II Will Have Space Battles, Finally Let You Ride a Tauntaun

Star Wars Battlefront II

Space, man.

Rejoice, Star Wars fans: Battlefront II will let you be able to have 24-player space battles in the game’s multiplayer. At the game’s panel, EA revealed to massive applause that there’ll be different, upgradeable ships of different role types–similar to the game’s new classes for Troopers–and there’ll also be Hero Ships as well. No examples were given as to what those Hero Ships would be for either side, but one has to cross their fingers that a Star Destroyer will be among them.

In addition to that news, it was also revealed that Star Wars Battlefront II will finally let us achieve what we’ve always wanted and ride a Tauntaun on Hoth. No clue if you’ll be able to cut one open and live inside it or use it as camouflage, but still! Rideable Tauntauns!

Star Wars Battlefront II will hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC worldwide on Nov. 17. The game’s prequel novel, focused on the Inferno Squad you’ll be playing as, releases in late July.

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