Prepare to Dine as Bandai Namco Teases a New Project, More Details Coming Soon

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New game incoming.

Bandai Namco is working on a new game, but they won’t tell us anything about it other than the fact that we should “prepare to dine.” You can check out the teaser trailer for their new project down below.

The trailer doesn’t show much, but it offers a glimpse into a new, black and white, hand-drawn world. The protagonist is seen carrying a sword as she slays monsters in a Gothic-like setting that looks an awful lot like a church. Considering that “Prepare to dine” seems to be a riff of the popular Dark Souls marketing catchphrase “Prepare to die,” one can’t help but wonder if From Software might be involved in some way or another. Or perhaps Bandai Namco is working on something entirely new, and it just so happens to have various callbacks to Souls.

Either way, the company will be making an official announcement about their new project on April 20, and we’ll update you as more details come our way.

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