Persona 5: How to Get and Max Out the Judgment Confidant (Sae Niijima)

Getting the Judgment Confidant (Sae Niijima) in Persona 5

Sae Niijima is the person interrogating you from the start of Persona 5. She has her own reasons for being around, but you actually unlock her as a Confidant later in the game automatically. While all of her ranks are obtained through the story, regardless of what you do, you must remember not to sell your fellow thieves out.

For those curious, we’ve listed each Rank along with the dates they unlock:

Rank 1: 7/9

Rank 2: 7/24

Rank 3: 8/22

Rank 4: 9/13

Rank 5: 10/12

Rank 6: 10/28

Rank 7: 11/20

Rank 8: 11/20

Rank 9: 11/20

Rank 10: 11/ 20, Unlocks True Judgment.

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