Persona 5: How to Solve the Coffin Puzzle in Futaba’s Palace

Futaba’s Palace Coffin Puzzle in Persona 5

As you make your way through the fourth main Palace of Persona 5, you’ll run into a coffin puzzle that requires you to solve some sort of riddle with a series of coffins and holograms. After activating the first stone tablet, you’ll get the code B01010. For this puzzle, return to the main hall and examine the row of coffins that have lit up. The one nearest to the bridge is B, so you’ll need to turn off the coffin right next to it, the one in the middle, and the one in the far end. After that, push the button next to the stone tablet up the short flight of stairs.

The next two codes are R01100, and B10011. R corresponds to the red colored coffin, so turn off the coffin right next to it, and the last two at the far end. For the blue side, turn off the two coffins after the one next to the blue. Go ahead and press the button again, and you should be able to progress through the Palace.

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