This Parody Video of Jeff Kaplan From Overwatch “Singing” All Star Will Give You Life

Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan

Notice me Jeff-Senpai

YouTube account Dinoflask, is known for making parody videos based on Jeff Kaplan’s Overwatch developer updates. Their videos hilariously edit Jeff Kaplan’s words from the updates and turn the developer updates into a parody of themselves. Dinoflask’s latest video has Jeff “singing” a parody version of the song All Star by Smash Mouth. The song talks about the troubles of Competitive Mode in Overwatch and how hard it is to rank up in the game.

This is not the only time Dinoflask made a Jeff Kaplan song parody, and it hopefully won’t be the last. You can see all of the other parody videos at Dinoflask’s official YouTube channel.

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