Nier Will Be Reprinted in Europe Following the Success of the Sequel


Nier is here.

Nier: Automata was released earlier this year and was highly praised by both gamers and critics alike. It is the sequel to the game Nier which, despite gaining a cult following of fans, failed to do quite as well as publisher Square Enix had hoped. Given the success of the sequel, it has now been announced that Square Enix is going to start making reprints of the original game for the PS3.

Announced on the European brand of Square Enix’s official site, the news reads: “To celebrate the launch of Nier: Automata, Square Enix would like to reprint the cult RPG Nier, on PS3.” It seems the publisher is waiting to reach a certain amount of orders before actually reprinting the game.

Nier received a mix response from both gamers and critics when it was first released. Whilst its story, world, and soundtrack were highly praised, critics didn’t care for its uninspired visuals. The sequel seems to have taken all the great things from the original game and built upon aspects that weren’t so good. If you enjoyed the sequel, are you interested in going back and checking out the original?

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