Little Nightmares: How to Get All Trophies / Achievements

How to Get All Trophies/ Achievements in Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares has finally arrived and sees players guiding a young girl called Six out of a nightmarish world called the Maw. While the experience may be short, the developers have packed in a number of trophies and achievements for players to pick up along the way.

There are 13 trophies and achievements to grab totaling up to 1000 Gamerscore. Unfortunately, for PS4 players, there’s no platinum trophy this time around.

Five of these trophies you’ll unlock naturally simply by completing the story. The others will require you to meet other criteria which you could miss if you’re not careful. To ensure you get all of the trophies/ achievements in Little Nightmares, we’ve compiled a quick guide on what you need to do to unlock each one.

Please be warned that the trophies/ achievements do contain slight spoilers regarding the game’s chapters and where they take place. If you want to enjoy the experience spoiler-free, we advise finishing the game first before going any further.

Little Lost Things (Bronze/ 50G) – Kindness will be your undoing! – Hugged All 13 Nomes. These are the small guys with the large triangular hats. Grab hold of them and Six will hug them.

Rascal (Bronze/ 50G) – Little vandal, little beast, The Maw will punish you at the feast. – Smash all 10 of the vases throughout the game’s five sections.

Light Up Your Life (Bronze/ 50G) – Not all lights can be trusted, but these should be quite safe. – Light all 20 of the lanterns in Little Nightmares with Six’s lighter.

The Prison (Bronze/ 50G) – Look how the canary has flown its cage! – Complete the first chapter of Little Nightmares. Story related. Cannot be missed.

The Lair (Bronze/ 50G) – Little lost things sometimes find their way home – Complete the second chapter of Little Nightmares. Story related. Cannot be missed.

The Kitchen (Bronze/ 50G) – The Chefs will miss you! – Complete the third chapter of the game. Story related. Cannot be missed.

The Guest Area (Bronze/ 50G) – Little fox among hungry wolves. – Complete the four chapter of Little Nightmares. Story related. Cannot be missed.

The Lady’s Quarters (Bronze/ 50G) – A storm is coming. That coat should come in useful. Complete the fifth and final chapter of the game. Story related. Cannot be missed.

Hard to the Core (Gold/ 200G) – What’s different about you? Why are you so brave? – Beat the game in less than an hour without dying.

Secret Trophies/ Achievements

Six’s Song (Silver/ 150G) – Run back and forth on the dangling piano in chapter two.

Highly Sprung (Bronze/ 50G) – Jump on any bed six times (can easily be done in chapters one or two).

Kitchen Hand (Silver/ 150G) – Throw three ingredients into the pot on the fireplace in chapter three.

Elusive (Bronze/ 50G)- Hey sneaky rat! How do you keep slipping away?  – We’re still looking into exactly how to unlock this one. As soon as we know, we’ll be sure to update this post.

For more on Little Nightmares, be sure to keep it locked to Twinfinite.

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