Injustice 2 Video Goes Into the Gear System and Will Definitely Inspire Cosplay

Injustice 2, video game, may 2017, releases

Clothes make the hero.

In addition to the video of the Flash delivering some time traveling pain from yesterday, Netherrealm has put out a new video for Injustice 2 today going into the game’s Gear system. While it’s been known about since the game’s announcement, it hasn’t really been given the highlight that it has in this video. And if nothing else, all these outfits will definitely make people want to cosplay the characters in the game.

Each fight in Inustice 2 will net you Gear of some kind. Each element will boost your base stats and has its own look, and every battle you win and experience you gain makes it stronger. The video promises “infinite opportunities,” and the most powerful effects in combats will come from loadouts. The more pieces in a set you use will get you a better edge when going up against an opponent. You’re promised to gain an advantage over them both strategically and stylistically, so go nuts and look however you want.

Injustice 2 arrives on the PS4 and Xbox One on May 16.

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