Fire Emblem Heroes Celebrates Shadow of Valentia Release Early with New Summoning Banner

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia is releasing in Japan early next week for the Nintendo 3DS, a remake of Nintendo Entertainment System’s Fire Emblem Gaiden. While the rest of the regions will have to wait until mid-May, Fire Emblem Heroes is making things a bit more bearable with the new summoning banner.

Running until Apr. 25, the Shadow of Valentia Banner features Alm (Red Sword), Clair (Pegasus Blue Lance), and Luka (Blue Lance). Faye (Bow) is also a featured hero, an original character that did not appear in Fire Emblem Gaiden. Like usual, each summon with cost 5 orbs, with each subsequent summon costing 4, for a max of five pulls at 20 orbs before the cost resets.

A new set of three paralogue missions featuring Shadow of Valentia is also live, which will reward orbs upon completion. Three difficulties exist as a way to earn bonus orbs. A number of quests have also been added for the duration of the banner to earn some miscellaneous items.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available free to download on both iOS and Android.

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