Fire Emblem Heroes Finally Adds Ike and Other Path of Radiance Characters

fire emblem heroes

Time to fight for your friends.

Fire Emblem Heroes has a wealth of characters from across the series, but there’s been a noticeable exclusion up until now. The fan favorite character Ike from Path of Radiance will finally be added into the mobile title with its new event, along with Mist, Soren, and Titania.

Like usual, the characters will have to be randomly summoned in the game, but there will also be a new story scenario added called “World of Radiance.” Take a quick peak of what each character brings to the table in the video down below. The Path of Radiance event will officially start on April 26. It should be noted that this Ike is seemingly separate from the special character that will be added through the fan poll ran before Fire Emblem Heroes launched.

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently available for iOS and Android. Are you excited t o finally get your hands on Ike in the game? Are there any characters you’re still hoping to see added? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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