10 More Modern Games Besides Yooka-Laylee to Ease Your Collect-a-thon Needs

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Snake Pass

snake pass review

Snake Pass has a lot in common with the platformers of the 90s, although it comes with a unique twist. As you might expect, you play as a snake named Noodle. However, the physics of the game are entirely built around your movement. You won’t be jumping your way across platforms this time, instead you’ll be slithering up areas and using momentum to propel yourself.

The entire crux of Snake Pass is actually built around finding collectibles. There are 15 levels spread out across four themed worlds, and in each level you’ll have to collect three sets of hidden collectibles. These get increasingly more difficult as the game goes on, and you’ll need to use all of your wits to find them. It may be a bit different from the platformers you’re used to and the controls take some adjustment, but after that you’ll find a fun collect-a-thon experience unlike any others.

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