Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Sidon Has Gotten a Song Celebrating His Greatness

prince Sidon, appreciation, breath of the wild

Nooooooo onnnnnnnnne fights like Sidon.

If you’ve been playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild–and odds are that if you have a Switch, you certainly have–then you’re likely aware of Sidon. The fish prince has been unanimously loved by both fans of the game and the overall series fandom, both for being good looking, and also because he’s a talking shark. (Seriously, who doesn’t love a buff, talking shark?) That’s pretty cool, and now he’s gotten a song that celebrates just how great he is.

You know the iconic Gaston song from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? Well, this song from YouTuber RogersBase is pretty much that, but for Sidon, and it’s hard to not sing along with it. It covers his whole involvement in Breath of the Wild, from his first meeting with Link to the positivity that he constantly exudes. This couldn’t be a song more worthy of our new and forever favorite fish prince. (Suck it, Aquaman.)

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