Ubisoft Gives Ghost Recon Backpack to Military Vet as Apology for Not Delivering His Game

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Super nice

Ubisoft, the developers of Ghost Recon Wildlands has just sent reddit user AkAmpz a backpack as an apology for failing to deliver his copy of  Ghost Recon Wildlands along with his collectors edition of the game. Ubisoft claims responsibility for their mistake and says that it was due to a technical error in their system.

Ghost Recon Backpack Apology

AkAmpz included a picture of the Ghost Recon Backpack and the apology letter that Ubisoft gave him The backpack features the names of each of the four ghosts on them and states that he was not expecting the package and just got it randomly. It is random acts of kindness such as these that make the gaming community so great.

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